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About the Farm 

Over the years the farm property has been owned and farmed by several Vermonters. Raymond purchased the property in 1990. After many years of producing hay and milking cows, Raymond and Carolyn started talking about using the farm for a different purpose. They wanted to keep the green fields open and beautiful; but also to establish a program that would provide opportunities and activities for local youth and families. Part of that objective was to have a rustic Vermont-style event site for weddings and other community gatherings. 

Their other vision was inspired by Crystal Peaks Youth Ranchwhich operates a ministry of faith, hope and healing on a beautiful horse ranch in Bend, Oregon.


In 2010, feeling a strong sense of stewardship coupled with a desire to share the farm with the community, Hope Grows Community Farm Program was born. The program is founded on faith-based values, and the lessons that we learn through work, play and the many opportunities that arise from farm life, mentoring others and the inherent ways that one generation passes down knowledge, wisdom and respect to the younger generations. We pray that the farm is a place of restoration and hope for years to come.

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